Worry or Peace?

We are living in a very interesting time. This is for certain. May I ask you how you are navigating it? While there is good reason to be concerned and exercise caution, what word best describes the state of your heart and mind right now? Are you preoccupied with worry? Or, are you filled with peace? And which would you rather be experiencing? Yes, you and I do actually have a choice here. The truth is some people believe they have to be worrying about something most of the time. They think somehow something helpful or productive will result. But worrying is not meant to be the default of the Believer. 
Jesus explains this in His Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 6. “Don’t worry!” He says. And isn’t it fascinating that in the Bible account we never find Jesus hindered or crippled by worry? The closest He gets is on the night He was betrayed in The Garden of Gethsemane. How was He able to punch through the darkness and find the resolve to go forward to the cross and on to victory? His focus was on His Father.

Ruth Bell Graham made a most amazing assertion when she wrote, “Worship and worry cannot live in the same heart; they are mutually exclusive.” (Today’s Christian Woman, “Heart to Heart”) When we worship and when we pray our focus is upward. We’re looking to our Father who looms large above any and every obstacle or trial we will ever face. Our eyes are fixed not on our problems but on the One through whom we are made “more than conquerors.”


Let me then encourage you to take time daily to spend with the Lord in prayer and worship. Sing a hymn or praise chorus, read a psalm. You could listen to something online even. There is a song that I have been dwelling on these past few weeks. It was sung by a Christian group called The Imperials back in the 80’s. It’s called “Praise the Lord.” I invite you to consider its timely words of encouragement.

When you’re up against a struggle that shatters all your dreams

And your hopes have been cruelly crushed by Satan’s manifested schemes

And you feel the urge within you to submit to earthly fears

Don’t let the faith you’re standing in, seem to disappear

Praise the Lord, He can work through those who praise Him

Praise the Lord, for our God inhabits praise

Praise the Lord, for the chains that seems to bind you

Serve only to remind you that they drop powerless behind you

When you praise Him
Wipe out your worry by just praising Him!

In Him,

Pastor Paul